Giving Back to the Community

Mike believes strongly in the value of community service and giving back. An active fundraiser for the schools in his community and those in need, Mike supports many children's charities like the Boys and Girls clubs and the Children's Cancer Society. In addition, Mike is active in helping the homeless and purchasing computers for schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods. In recognition of Mike's charitable efforts, the Portland Business Journal awarded Mike the prestigious Corporate Philanthropy Award in 2007.

Working Hard

An Oregon success story, Mike Erickson grew up in a home of modest means but honest, hard-working values. The son of a police officer, Mike worked two jobs to get through college, where he earned a business degree at Portland State University and played football for Pokey Allen.

Creating a Small Business

After college, Mike started a business in the basement of his home. With an innovative idea and what little savings he had, Mike built that company into one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America, creating jobs for Oregonians.

Mike's company helps businesses cut costs and operate more efficiently, which in turn helps those companies serve their customers better, Even when prospective clients had doubts, Mike demonstrated to them that there were ways to cut costs that they didn't recognize. Innovation, tenacity and problem-solving have been the hallmarks of Mike's business, and he's earned the trust of over 200 Oregon businesses and some of the largest companies in America, such as Sony and American Honda.